Andy McIntyre - Industrial Designer


BIO + Curriculum Vitae

I am an industrial designer who currently lives in the southern Australian city of Adelaide. In 2014, I interned in Tianjin, China at Fuji-ta Bicycle Group, the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, before graduating with a Bachelor of Industrial Design from the University of South Australia.

As an Industrial Designer, my work focuses on the emotional connection between humans and objects. Through observation of behaviour and interaction, we can understand the needs, wants and problems of a user, and provide innovative solutions as useful, meaningful and culturally-relevant products and experiences that improve their quality of life. 

I love nothing more than a day spent at full-speed on the dirt, or more often upside-down in the mud, on my downhill bike. I believe that cultural awareness is vital to my professional objectives as a designer and, as a keen traveler, have begun to expand my cultural horizons, having so far interned in China and backpacked through South-East Asia.

I am currently an Industrial Designer at Rowlands Metalworks + SPARK Furniture.